zondag 10 maart 2013

Testing BlogGo app from Dana

I purchased the new app from Dana (www.thewonderforest.com) and so far I like it a lot. It's so much easier this App. Not only is this app good. But she is a great artist.. and I also purchased her e-book about how to become a good blogger...and the Do's and the Dont's :)) It is really help full so I hope my blog also will get some more followers and I learn how to make my blog interesting enough.

It's Sunday evening and my weekend was good. I worked and instead if spring it's freezing cold in The Hague, I'm homesick to LA the sun, the beach etc We had one day of or 2 days of a really nice temperature for March ...and the birds were singing. The sun was shining and everyone was happy. I really enjoyed it.. Open the doors, the windows.. and even sat down on my balcony for a bit. There is no wind so even if it's a little warmer and the sun is shining it's still good outside. Twinky & Elvis probably have a winter depression too LOL There are no squirrels here to chase.. and instead of the sun there are clouds and it's freezing. So mommy take out their pajamas's and cuddle with then a lot.

Hopefully I will pass for my driver license in April, because if I fail it means  I need to wait for another few weeks, and that would suck big time :-(

So my review for the BLOGGO app is 5 star ! it's great ! :) You should definitely use this app instead of blogger app.

This week will be busy, so I don't have time for for crafting.. only maybe some coloring right after dinner with my coffee in one hand and a marker in the other hand :) Yes multi tasking is my middle name.
Enjoy your rest of the week!!

Love Priscilla

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