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Welcome to my Blog. I'm 35 years old, Dutch, happily married and I love my doggies Twinky & Elvis. I'm a model, webdesigner, photographer and I love to craft and read books. I do bake my own cakes.. ;) And I love to make desserts, cookies etc.. Even for my Doggies I make fresh baked cookies. 
When I scrapbook I mainly making cards. Using stamps. 
I'm coloring with Copic Markers. I'm addicted. 
I also been hooked on a crochet needle.. I love to create cuddle toys or dolls. That's where a found my Love for Blythe Dolls. I own now 5 Blythe dolls and I'm not done collecting, I started customising them myself, but I have a lot to earn still Good thing about it is i can combine all my crafting skills. Scrapbook for my Dollhouse, Crochet and maybe knit for the clothing and hats, and my Photography skills to make the best pics of my Dolls i all kind of situations ! I travel a lot between Europe and USA.  Six  months of the year I'm in Los Angeles.. and the rest of the year I'm living in my home country The Netherlands. But I do feel more home when I'm in LA. I love photography and especially animals (dogs) and kids.. I mainly photograph my dogs and shoot monthly for a dog clothing line. Yes my own dogs are the models for that line. 

I started this blog a while ago but I'm so inspired by a lot of other blogs I come across I want to take my blog to another Level. 
Dana from The Wonder Forest is a great person who inspired me. Although I don't know her personally I really enjoy reading her blog.. and her tips are very welcome. I purchased her e-book about blogging too. And for now I can only say it's a great help. 
I hope you will follow me and that you comment on my work. I'm not the best in coloring with copics, 
but I'm getting better everytime. I love to read books. and I own an e-reader.. and I can only say I love it. It's great for traveling and when I really like a book I do buy the paper version. 

My husband Mark I met 4 years ago and since then I'm just one happy person.  LOL I met him through and online Dutch community.. and I send him a message that I really liked his eyes.. yes he replied back to me.. we did flirt a bit and after a few emails back and forth we exchanged our msn addy. He is truly the Love of my Life! He wrote and recorded a song especially for me what you can listen here: 
It's Called "We've got Tonight" 

He was a musician (Lead Singer and Guitarist). I'm a model but mostly erotic. I want to be honest to my readers. I do own a success full business. And we do this together. Besides my own business. I love to do "normal" things too. 
I really enjoy rock music. Especially Motley Crue, Kiss, Billy Idol, Poison, Steel Panther, 
van Halen etc. we often go to concerts.. or you can find me monday night in LA in the House of Blues enjoying the Glamrock band Steel Panther. 
I also appreciate Madonna, Katie Melua, Duffy and other artists. So I'm not only a rock fan. But It does make me smile. :) So what is a better place to be then in LA. Sunset strip here I come! 

I love movies.. and I do like documentaries 
Enjoy my Blog :) 
Love Priscilla 

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