rock & roll

 I love going to concerts and especially to Rock concerts like Motley Crue, Kiss, Poison, Steel Panther etc ..
My husband is a musician (guitarist and lead singer) He is a Rocker and he introduced me to real rock concerts and since then I'm hooked.
I'm a real groupie I guess hahaha .. But you can't blame me if Nikki Sixx, Paul Stanley , Gene Simmons I can't control myself lol ;) Here a few pics of our adventures. Starting with Satchel guitarist of Steel Panther.. and then my handsome baby with mr Paul Stanley (KISS)

 Bon Jovi concert  at the Beach ! :D
Good times in Berlin - Germany :D
My handsome hubby :)
Scorpions Concert:) It was great , but I had fever and did not felt so good. But i did enjoyed the concert a lot. In Nokia Theater.(LA)
 My hubby with his guitar:)
Mr Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) wooohoo he is so sexy !! ;)
My hubby again.. so handsome :D
We went to Motley Crue and Poison was one of the Line ups.. awesome show ! LA Hollywood bowl! :)
Me with Sophie Tweed (daughter of Gene Simmons -KISS) at the house of Blues at a Steel P
anther gig. ;) she is beautiful
 Me and my handsome baby :)
Two gangsters lol in Las Vegas waiting for our local pizza:)
 KISS and Motley Crue tour !! WOOOHOOOO 

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