donderdag 15 januari 2015

dinsdag 13 januari 2015

The world of Blythe

It's been a while, I was just t busy with work, and had no time to craft.
But after a few great Crochet projects and started my own Crochet group on Facebook named UkkePukki I also fell in Love with Blythe Dolls.
I came a cross a Blythe doll by accident on Instagram and since then I wanted to have one for two or three or maybe more for myself. I did a lot of research and they are not so easy to buy only online from Asia, or from Doll owners online who sell there doll Stock or Custom made.
I joined a great group on FB for Dutch and Belgian Blythe addict and there I was lucky to buy a few dolls for myself. I also purchased my first doll on Ebay, but now lost 3 weeks later , it's still not arrived. Hope she isn't lost because she is beautiful :)

Poppy Pink Before her make over. 

Im not ready with this girl. but pics will follow soon ! 

I have her completely stock NRFB (never removed from box)

I love this Angel.. I already did some work on her :D

My Save the Animals Blythe, she is Stock and she will be the next make over :D

 My Girl with the unicorn Rainbow hair is name Poppy Pink.. So far I think She will keep her name, but maybe I change her hair and she will be only Poppy. She is my first custom.. I 'm still waiting for my custom Eyechip. They will be shipping from Argentine So hopefully they arrive soon. I also will work a little more on her mouth because I have the feeling she has a little mustache lol She is a grumpy spoiled girl , but is upset, because she lost her Unicorn.. And she doesn't know if it got stolen by one of the other girls ! ;)