my dogs


Meet Elvis and Twinky. They are my world. And I see them as my children LOL :) They are spoiled to the max and Twinky is a little diva while Elvis is the King of Rock!
They are from the same litter,brother and sister. I fell in love with Twinky on the internet and flew to GA- Temple to pick her up. We also decided to get Elvis too, but because of the papers we needed to wait another 5 months for him. I love to photograph and I started to photograph my babies last year after they been modeling for a yorkie calendar. They are doing pretty good. They are models for a dog clothing line and they are doing very well.

If you want to get to know them please join their
Facebook page with 1 click on the button and "like" their page. The page is all about them while traveling and their daily lives. In Europe and in LA ( USA)
Be aware but we call them "The Terror Twins"
Love Priscilla

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June Nelson zei

Aw they are just beautful, mine are my world too, they are like my children losing gizmo crucified me and I willnever get over it, you r lightest one is just like him, mine benji is his brother too, and missy the one in the middle is only one year old, the boys were 7, thanks for sharing, i found someone else just like me lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Priscilla Waker zei

I love them and sometimes im so scared if i think about something will happen to them. They are seriously my world. I'm sorry you lost your Gizmo. :(
:)I'm happy i met you too .l and have the same interest .. hihhhh xxxxxx :)