donderdag 10 januari 2013

Copic Standard class Anaheim, CA

Today was the day I finally had the standard class of Copic in Anaheim, CA
Last year i couldn't make it. SO I waited a year to do this. So I got my certificate like anyone else who took the class. :))
I did learn a lot about how the color wheel worked with the numbers.. and the airbrush systems.. and I also liked the blender solution bottle and the different fabrics you can use to bring texture on your work.
The rest I already knew most of it, but you can't do another class, intermediate or workshop when uou haven't done this class. :( Doesn't matter if your good in coloring and make really nice projects.. without the standard , no intermediate or workshop for you.
Well I can wait another year then , because I couldn't do the days they did the workshop this time. So who knows if I'm going next year to another class.
I met a few nice people and I hope to keep in touch by this blog, email and can;t wait to see some projects.
For the ones who will take the workshop classes.. Have fun girlz!! :)

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Natasha zei

Hey girl!

I finally got a chance to get online. Here is my blog:

I will email you my phone number. I love your work! Hopefully when you get back to the states we can meet for some card making fun! :)


Priscilla Waker zei

Hi Natasha,

It was good to meet you and I love your blog. I am a follower.. make sure you follow mine too. PS I send you an email;) xoxoxox
Hugs Priscilla