donderdag 2 april 2015

Working space

At the moment I'm pretty busy with learning more about Blogger and Wordpress. I already know a lot and know how to do basic stuff and some more complicated stuff. I'm a very creative person and Love to learn new stuff every day. If I see some blogs it looks amazing and want that too. It's just that I wish to have the time to do it. I know my way around Photoshop and Dreamweaver etc and I build websites before. I know how to change a custom layout, but I want to take it to the next level. It's always fun and good to know how to do things yourself instead of waiting for someone else doing it and then %$$&*(@ it up for you. 
For my hobby and my work I use both blog programs, but i feel the urge again to learn some new stuff. And I feel inspired by a lot of blogs that look amazing. 
A good start its a nice Latte and a clean work space. ;) Let's do this ! 

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