zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Passed my test !

Yeaah I'm thrilled I passed my test for my driver license. It's the Theory classes I passed for and you actually need this before you can actually start planning your driver exam.
So part 1 is in the pocket. :)
My weekend is already fantastic. My hubby bought my nice bouquet of White roses, and we bought some cake !! Yummie. When he picked me up he already had the roses and I said omg baby , what if I would have failed for it, he said : ' no baby thats impossible I know you would pass your test'
I thought that was great when he said that and was so happy. not only me passing my test, but he also made my day :D

When I got home I grabbed my camera and Elvis my little 4 and half pound Yorkie came up to me. :D So I shot a few pictures and this is the result ;)
What you think of my handsome little man ?

2 opmerkingen:

Eve zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd met het behalen van je theorie examen. En inderdaad is het een geweldige knappe man. Wat een schatje. Liefs Eve

Priscilla Waker zei

Dank je wel Eve ;) :) kus xxxx